“I need a website…”

As all things gradually become digital, this thought often crosses our mind. Whether you are an artist, a musician, or you want to start your own online business – you will need a website to become a valuable member of Internet community.  Questions which people usually ask: “How do I build a website? Can I get one for free? Where do I begin? What the hell is that thing called web hosting? Dear Santa, I want to build my own website, can you help?”

Really, you don’t need to wait till Christmas to get your website or pay crazy fees to get your website up and running. Moreover, if you are reading this, chances are you already know what web hosting is.

Did you think that running your own website for the purpose of blogging, selling, promoting, sharing or alike does not necessarily require any technical skills? Well, if so, then you are wrong, my friend. To build a decent website you either need a lot of technical knowledge and plenty of creativity or a substantial investment, even if you just want to start a personal blog or set up an online portfolio. This could be a real problem sometimes… However…

Well, the good news is – you can take some shortcuts to get things done and this is precisely what we will try to explain in the next series of our blog posts. The goal is to help you to create your website the easy way. Rather than learning things like html, css or trying to understand all that complicated stuff, you could be focusing on your business instead; or idea or just spend some time being creative. First, remember these:

Rule Nr. 1 – Keep your money very close to your pocket!

The choice is yours. You can either spend a lot of money on getting a website built for you or start with something reasonably priced and build up from there.

The services we provide will help you to get over things like webhosting and even get your own website for free. You don’t have to build it; we build the website of your choice, which you will be able to choose from a range of templates. All our websites are CMS based, so chances are, they’ll come quite handy whether you are:

  • A small business? – Sell your stuff!
  • An artist? – Show off your portfolio!
  • Like to write about things? – start blogging!
  • Are you … a black belt martial arts instructor? – create your community online and invite others to come and see you in your local club.

Whoever you are and whatever your background is – you can do it! You can build your own website for free and you don’t really need all those expensive design agencies to do that for you. Just follow us and we will do our best to show you everything you need to know, step by step, with plenty of shortcuts and absolutely no technical jargon – well, we’ll keep it to the minimum. See you soon…


A word of welcome!

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting us today. We are recent graduates from the University of Bedfordshire and it has been a really great place to be, to learn, to make friends, to accumulate ideas and … to make all this happen.

Web Hosting doesn’t have to be expensive!

All Hosting WebAce services were designed with just one thing in mind – neither web hosting, nor domain names registration has to be expensive. On the contrary – it must be cheap! Cheap doesn’t mean low quality though. Unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited databases, a lot of cool features, free 1-click installs, 1000s of templates, various online tools and even iPhone control panel – all just few clicks away.

Our aim is to be the cheapest unlimited web hosting provider on the planet with the best quality of service and technologies possible. More for less! Stay tuned and we will explain how it has been made possible and how, in turn, it can help you to do the same – to have more for less, much less.

Web Hosting doesn’t have to be complicated!

Everything is available in just one, only one, hosting package, which is tailored for anyone and for any purpose. Whatever subscription length you choose (3 month, 1 year or 2 years) you will always get everything inclusive and unlimited. No complications, no package differentiation and no hidden fees – we offer everything for everyone in a one single pack.

So, no matter who you are – reach or poor, individual or business, web developer or art student, parent or child – everyone gets everything… unlimited! Yes!

Also, this particular blog has a purpose of making the whole experience an easy, pleasurable and enjoyable. We are setting a goal for ourselves – slowly, but surely, we are going to transfer our existing knowledge in regards to web hosting, domain names, technologies behind, where to start, how to stop, and on and on to you. All technical question will be presented in a non-technical language so that even your mum will be able to understand.

We hope you will enjoy our little stories and articles, which are yet to come.

Yours cordially,


First Post!

Hello and welcome to our brand new blog.

More to come soon. Stay tuned!