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Who are we?

We are delighted that you are taking a moment to learn more about us. We are a relatively young company but with total commitment to this new and exciting web hosting venture.

Our vision comprises just three simple statements:

  • We love the Internet, cloud technologies and web applications
  • We love simplicity at its best
  • We love helping people.

To cut a long story short, a bunch of ambitious and very enthusiastic technology geeks have gathered together to make a little difference in the world of shared web hosting.

What it is all about?

By observing recent innovations in the cloud computing arena, the advancement in web applications development, and the still existing demand for shared web hosting, we have noticed a possibility for combining these ingredients and producing a more flexible and robust product at a much lower price. This synthesis has enabled us to offer you really vast storage, truly unlimited bandwidth, and also a much better user experience.

It is fair to say that our ultimate advantage is to some extent also our disadvantage; yes, we are relatively young, and yes, our hosting company is just a baby compared to other giants. However, our innovative approach allows you to use the same services that you would normally get from other providers on a premium hosting package only. With us you get everything unlimited in one single pack for an unbeatable entry level price.

How this is made possible?

Normally, hosting providers would spend a lot of money on underlying hardware technology, hardware support, maintenance, dedicated IT staff, sophisticated equipment, resilience and backup system, bulletproof data centres... and the list goes on and on. As it happens, these are all essential elements and cannot be excluded; they just have to be there, behind the scenes, whether you like it or not.

And that's where the beauty of cloud technologies comes into play; we do not really have to own all this physical infrastructure. Instead, we are partnered with leading cloud computing providers to have at our disposal virtually unlimited resources with no hardware maintenance cost, and therefore the ability to cut the hosting price for your advantage.

Okay, but where is my data?

Simple - it is in the cloud. Confused? Consider the following scenario:

If we were to invest in our own hardware technology, data centre and other geeky equipment, then we would probably be able to claim "It it is in our data centre!" But just think about it... Would it be more secure, readily available and more reliable than, for example, technologies provided by Amazon, Rackspace, Savvis, Microsoft or Google? Do you trust them? There is a no brainer here; your data is much more secure with them than in somebody's garage on a home-made second-hand server.

We are partnered with various cloud solution providers to supply us with a huge amount of raw data storage (thousands and thousands of terabytes of disk space), huge processing power (such as grid and clustered computing), and unlimited bandwidth. We use all of these elements to build a platform, based on which we are able to develop our web hosting interface with true focus on customer service and user experience.

What's our next move?

At the moment we are putting a lot of effort into improving usability and user interface. Our goal is to make it ridiculously simple and dead easy for you to accomplish any desirable action, such as to register and manage domain names, subscribe for add-on services, use a hosting control panel, design and publish your own websites, and similar common tasks. Sounds trivial, but we understand that these are very important usability elements for you.

We have already introduced a lot of CGI scripts (a web-based application). All are just a couple clicks away to install with no technical knowledge required. As a next move we are launching a new blog with the purpose of giving you more examples, more step-by-step instructions, and more help on how to install, deploy and use any of those applications for your own advantage, such as e-shops, personal blogs, personal websites, content management sites, auction portals, wikis, forums, online forms, and other interesting and useful web apps.

We are also working on the possibility of adding hosted dedicated servers to our product list. This is a whole new area and we will discuss it later in more detail on our blog.

And last, but by no means least, we are going international. Our plan is to expand into the European market and start providing our services internationally.

Any guarantees?

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee for all our web hosting packages. However, this does not apply to domain name registration as they are registered based on the period specified during checkout and cannot be revoked or cancelled. We will, however, assist you fully with any domain transfers to other providers should you wish to do so.

Thank you!

We hope that our low cost, simple and easy web hosting solution will help you to achieve the personal or business goals that you have set for yourself.

Let us be your favourite, a helpful and reliable web hosting provider that you can be proud of.

Web hosting

Seriously, besides our acutely competitive registration fees and ridiculously low hosting costs we offer a totally unlimited service for storage, bandwidth, mailboxes and expandable features.

We offer one pack for all your needs - we do not have any reduced price entry level packs - and every single one of you (our customer) is equally important to us. One pack covers everything and everyone - old and young, rich and poor, individual and business... no exceptions! One Life - One Pack - Unlimited Joy!


The services we provide will help you to get over things like webhosting and even get your own web design for free. You don't have to build it; we build the website of your choice, which you will be able to choose from a range of templates. All our websites are CMS based, so chances are, they will come quite handy for everyone of you as they do not require practically any technical knowledge at all.

Domain name registration

Register and manage any domain name through our system from only £2.79 per year for domains and from £7.99 for .com domains. Our domain registration system will also allow you to easily transfer your domain from a different provider or simply link it to your hosting account and keep it with your current registrar. It is a truly flexible and powerful system in your full control.

Web email

We offer one of the most powerful and flexible WebMail systems to all of our customers. Every one of you will benefit from a flexible web-based interface with features such as folders support to organize all of your emails, enhanced calendar to easily manage your appointments from anywhere in the world, outlook-to-webmail synchronization service to keep your desktop/laptop always up to date, and tons of other useful email features all included with your web hosting. In fact, our entire WebMail system comes FREE with every web hosting package.

Dedicated servers

We will soon be introducing a brand new line of powerful dedicated servers which will include both Dual and Quad core processor machines with an unlimited bandwidth - perfect for a busy website or for hosting multiple websites on one machine. These will also include a powerful automated backup system to keep your data totally safe from any accidental losses.

At the moment, an underlying platform is already set up and ready to rock and roll, and we are currently in the process of a building checkout mechanism and server management interface for you. If you would like to book a test drive or find out more, please drop us a line and we will keep you up to date with all relevant news on this new product line.

Our friends

When we started this exciting web hosting venture we realized that a number of our friends, colleagues and partners are also already engaged in some kind of online or offline business, consultancy, or other entrepreneurial activities.

On this page we would like to briefly introduce you to some of them and give our personal recommendations for all of the services (listed below) that they provide. We hope that it will help some of you to find each other and potentially to build successful business relationships together.

To all of our friends, colleagues, partners and customers:
We wish you all the best in pursuit of your personal and business goals.

  • Intea Ltd.

    Intea Ltd.

    We offer consulting services, e-learning development, public and tailored surveys and e-learning development outsourcing.

Social Networks

We have just started our presence in social networks. Please come and tell us what you think. We will be happy to hear anything, from everyone. You can also drop us a private line on the next tab if you wish to do so. Thank you!








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If you have any questions, please drop us a line (see below) and we will get in touch within the next 24 hours. We would welcome any feedback from you and we will take it as an opportunity to improve and provide a better service for you and for all your web hosting needs.

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